SEEC has conducted — and is conducting — a wide variety of evaluation studies. This page describes some of those projects, and provides links to evaluation reports and other materials SEEC evaluators have produced. Please check back from time to time for updates; we are in the process of soliciting permission from current and former clients to post additional evaluation documents. Some documents require careful redacting to protect the confidentiality of research subjects.

All Included in Mathematics – Expansion and Dissemination (AIM-ED)

Clients and Collaborators: North Carolina State University (NCSU), Horizon Research
Project Staff: Jim Hammerman, Michael Cassidy, Judy Storeygard

Assessing Changes in Chemical Thinking (ACCT)

Clients and Collaborators: University of Massachusetts - Boston, Boston Public Schools, University of Arizona
Project Staff: Jim Hammerman, Eric Hochberg, Audrey Martinez-Gudapakkam

Assessment Practices of STEM Teachers

Clients and Collaborators: University of Massachusetts - BostonBoston Public Schools
Project Staff: Jim Hammerman

Backyard Wilderness

Clients and Collaborators: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Project Staff: Eric Hochberg, Karen Mutch-Jones, Debra Bernstein, Sabrina De Los SantosSantiago Gasca, Rachel Hayes, Anushree Bopardikar, Sarah Hill, Martha Merson, Gilly Puttick

Building Coherence in STEM Learning Opportunities for Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers across Disciplinary Boundaries

Clients and Collaborators: University of Utah
Project Staff: Eric Hochberg

CAREER: Research on Weather and Climate Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) Change – Supporting Technology-Driven Science Inquiry as Pedagogy

Clients and Collaborators: University of Alabama at Huntsville
Project Staff: Jim Hammerman

Creating a Virtual Infrastructure for Engaging Rural Youth in STEM Disciplines - Maine LearnToMod Project

Clients and Collaborators: University of Maine - Orono, ThoughtSTEM
Project Staff
: Jim Hammerman, Sabrina De Los Santos

Creative Robotics

Clients and Collaborators: Carnegie Mellon University, Marshall University, West Liberty University, Allegheny Valley School District, and Mingo County School District.
Project Staff: Debra Bernstein, Karen Mutch-Jones, Michael Cassidy


Clients and Collaborators: Concord Consortium, North Carolina State University
Project Staff: Karen Mutch-Jones, Santiago Gasca

Inclusive-Exploring Computer Science (I-ECS)

Clients and Collaborators: Rochester Institute of Technology
Project Staff: Debra Bernstein, Karen Mutch-Jones

Innovators Developing Accessible Tools for Astronomy (IDATA)

Clients and Collaborators: Associated Universities Inc. (AUI), Yerkes Observatory at the University of Chicago, University of North Carolina (UNC), University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
Project Staff: Jim Hammerman, Eric Hochberg, Santiago Gasca

LabVenture - Revealing Systemic Impacts of a 12-Year Statewide Science Field Trip

Clients and Collaborators: Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI), Oregon State University Center for the Study of Lifelong STEM Learning
Project Staff
Jim Hammerman, Sabrina De Los Santos

Leveraging Citizen Science for Informal Science Learning (U!Scientist)

Clients and Collaborators: Adler Planetarium, Northwestern University
Project StaffJim Hammerman

The Milwaukee Master Teacher Partnership (MMTP)

Clients and Collaborators: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Project Staff: Eric Hochberg, Jim Hammerman

Adopting Research-based Instructional Strategies for Enhancing STEM Education (ARISE)

Clients and Collaborators: University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Funder: National Science Foundation - WIDER (DUE1347814)


Clients and Collaborators: Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MassBioEd)
Funder: US Department of Labor (Years 1-3); MassBioEd (Year 4)

Climate Literacy Partnership in the Southeast (CLiPSE)

Clients and Collaborators: Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, University of Alabama – Huntsville
Funder: National Science Foundation - CCEP-I (DUE1043398)

Data Games

Clients and Collaborators: KCP Technologies and University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Funder: National Science Foundation - DRK12

EcoXPT (Learning about Ecosystems Science and Complex Causality through Experimentation in a Virtual World)

Clients and Collaborators: Harvard University
Funder: National Science Foundation - DRK12 (DRL1416781)

Evaluating the Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) Professional Development Program

Clients and Collaborators: 
Funder: National Science Foundation - DRK12 (DRL1019769)

Excellence in Estuaries Education

Clients and CollaboratorsThe National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS)
Funder: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Department of Commerce via NERRS


Clients and Collaborators: Concord Consortium, BSCS
Funder: National Science Foundation - DRK12 (DRL0918642)


Clients and Collaborators: Northeastern University
Funder: National Science Foundation - AISL (DRL1422750)

Helios STEM School Pilot (HSSP)

Clients and Collaborators: Science Foundation Arizona
Funder: Helios Foundation

High-Adventure Science (HAS)

Clients and Collaborators: Concord Consortium
Funder: National Science Foundation - DRK12 (DRL1220756)

Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards (IMPS)

Clients and Collaborators: Education Development Center
Funder: National Science Foundation - DRK12 (DRL119163)

Indiana Science Initiative (ISI) 

Clients and Collaborators: Purdue/ I-STEM
Funder: Lilly Foundation

JASON Learning NGSS Implementation in Rhode Island

Clients and Collaborators: JASON Learning, West Warwick School District
Funder: Rhode Island Foundation

Levels of Conceptual Understanding of Statistics (LOCUS)

Clients and Collaborators: University of Florida - Gainesville, Educational Testing Service, University of Minnesota, Kenyon College
Funder: National Science Foundation - DRK12 (DRL1118168)

Life on Earth

Clients and Collaborators: Harvard University, University of Nebraska State Museum, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, Harvard Museum of Natural History, California Academy of Sciences, Field Museum of Natural History
FunderNational Science Foundation - AISL (DRL1010889)

Sounds of the Ocean

Clients and Collaborators: JASON Learning, Office of Naval Research
Funder: Office of Naval Research

Transition to Algebra

Clients and Collaborators: Education Development Center (EDC)
: National Science Foundation - DRK12

Vanished Curated Game

Clients and Collaborators: MIT Education Arcade, Smithsonian Institutions
Funder: National Science Foundation - ISE


Adopting Research-based Instructional Strategies for Enhancing STEM Education (ARISE)


Excellence in Estuaries Education


Helios STEM School Pilot (HSSP)

Indiana Science Initiative (ISI)

Life on Earth

Levels of Conceptual Understanding of Statistics (LOCUS)


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