One obstacle to reducing carbon emissions through any means is often money. While there are some things people can simply stop doing, larger changes like renovations, different vehicles, solar panels, and so on require money that is not necessarily available. Coming up with new and creative techniques for financing renewable energy development at ANY scale can have a large impact.

Wind-powered trains

The Netherlands' largest train operator has signed a contract with a large European wind energy corporation to power all of their trains—enough power to run Amsterdam for a year—off of wind energy, and they're going to do it by 2018! Learn More

Crowdfunding renewable energy projects

Installing energy infrastructure can be expensive—sometimes too expensive for any one person or any small group of people to do. Crowdfunding allows those who have money at hand to give a little bit, to have a large cumulative impact, and enable people to take steps towards renewable energy that would otherwise be beyond their financial ability. 

Solar hybrid technology for 24/7 power generation

Modular design allows for small-scale installations, or for gradual financing and construction of large-scale installations—you can build a bit of the power plant, and still get power from it. Learn More


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