Round 1: 

In the first round, students will submit a brief statement (up to 250 words) describing their idea(s) for how to reduce greenhouse gases.  The statements will be open for "crowdsourced" discussion in our Edmodo page. With this feedback students will submit revisions. The most promising ideas will qualify for a second round, from which all teams will select a project and create their own submissions.

Use these documents as you develop your abstract.

Abstract guidelines:

After submission, students will provide feedback to other groups' submissions.  Groups will then resubmit their revised abstracts. A team of judges will choose some promising ideas that groups will then use in Round 2 of the competition. 

Round 2: 

In Round 2 students will work on their selected project. In March they will work on their video and paper, providing details about how and why their proposed plan will reduce greenhouse gases in a 2-minute video and a paper (max 1200 words). Final winners will be selected by a team of expert judges from the scientific community, as well as a community vote. Here are the criteria the judges are looking for.

  Video Pitch (2 minutes)

In your video, state what you’d do, why you’d do it (i.e., why it would reduce greenhouse gases), and what you predict its impact would be.

Winning video pitches must show the possibility for success or interesting new knowledge. Therefore a winning video pitch describes an idea that:

Your pitch should clearly describe how the plan would mitigate greenhouse gases if it were implemented. 

  Paper (1200 words max.)

The paper should: