Inspirational Innovations


In this page, you will find a variety of creative advances and innovations in power generation, power storage, and power usage. The latest updates are available on the right, or you can browse the categories on the left for a more comprehensive list. 

The contents of this page should give you an idea of what's possible, and hopefully can spark new ideas for your own prototypes!

Latest additions!

Australian community pushing for solar thermal power: Port Augusta, Australia is working towards replacing their coal-fire power plant with a stand-alone solar thermal plant. This is both an advance in solar power, and a new example of a community taking action on climate change!

Six Foods has developed tortilla chips made out of crickets: This company has developed food made from insects that looks and tastes just like one of America's favorite snack foods. They're high in protein, low in fat (for chips), and good for the environment!

New contract means wind-powered trains in the Netherlands:
The Netherlands' largest train operator has signed a contract with a large European wind energy corporation to power all of their trains - enough power to run Amsterdam for a year - off of wind energy, and they're going to do it by 2018!

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