Fuel efficiency is powering job growth in the automotive sector

Solar up, coal down. Report shows the beginning of a clean energy transition

Distributed, renewable energy generation recognized as a path to the future in India

Vast potential for renewable energy in the American West:hundreds of thousands of jobs created so far

IEA: Global wind generation set to grow 40% by 2017

Texas judge rules atmosphere a "public trust"

UCLA develops photovoltaic film that allows existing windows to generate electricity

Germany breaks 25% renewable energy barrier

One of the persistant problems in dealing with climate change has been public perception, and that has been mirrored in the often strange views and statements from politicians and businessmen. As such, a recent rise in public talk about climate change is a positive sign, and so we have the "public messaging edition" of the Good News Page:

Investors speak up in favor of Wind Production Tax Credit

Jim McDermott introduces carbon tax law

Iowa's GOP governor attacks Romney for his position on wind energy

Harry Reid talks strong on climate change

Obama campaign increases pressure on Romney over Wind Tax Credit

California governor speaks out against climate deniers