Value of data: These data will be of use in several ways. First, they will add to your site's growing longitudinal data set, and your knowledge of your study site. Second, they will contribute to Manomet's research on local species' response to climate change. Finally, they will be useful as a contribution to national or regional phenology projects, such as the National Phenology Network's Nature's Notebook.  

Estimated time required: 

Two field sessions, one just as leaves emerge .("before" measurements)  and one when leaves are at full growth  ("after measurements" —either early summer or early fall).

 Research questions:

How do the dates of leaf-out change from year to year?

How do rates of leaf-expansion, and maximum expansion, change from year to year?

Do these data differ by species?

Is there any correlation with climate or weather data?  With location (e.g. in comparision with other Climate Lab sites)?


Science standards 1, 8.