The Milwaukee Master Teacher Partnership (MMTP)

The Milwaukee Master Teacher Partnership intends to support the improvement of STEM teaching and learning in a large, urban district experiencing challenges with student performance, by providing experienced teachers with opportunities to earn micro-credentials as they acquire additional content knowledge for teaching, engage in classroom-based action research, and assume instructional leadership roles. Leveraging the content area and pedagogical expertise of University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee faculty, the MMTP aims to engage teachers in professional learning that is relevant to their own needs, and ultimately to enhance the capacity for STEM teaching and learning in the Milwaukee Public Schools. SEEC evaluators are providing independent assessment of, and feedback on, project implementation and the quality of participants' experiences, and they are supporting the project's own research on its impacts. 

Clients and Collaborators:

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


National Science Foundation - Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (DUE1557397)

Our Role:

External Evaluator

Project Staff:

Eric Hochberg, Jim Hammerman

Project Website: