Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards (IMPS)

EDC created materials and professional development (PD) supports to help middle and high school teachers understand and implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice in their classrooms. The ten two-hour professional development sessions focus on tasks and pedagogical approaches that encourage students to “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them” (MP1), “Reason abstractly and quantitatively” (MP2), “Look for and make use of structure” (MP7) as well as the five other math practices (MPs). SEEC’s evaluation of this project includes an expert review of materials and supports, as well as the collection and analysis of participant interview data to evaluate teachers’ perceptions of the program’s impact on their understanding and teaching practices, and how the PD could be improved.

Clients and Collaborators:

Education Development Center


National Science Foundation - DRK12 (DRL119163)

Our Role:

External Evaluator

Project Staff:

Jim Hammerman, Audrey Martinez-Gudapakkam, Santiago Gasca

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