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What’s the Weather


The What’s the Weather? unit consists of six chapters that are designed to supplement your core science curriculum. It encourages students to build ideas of science content and process through hands-on and online investigation of the weather in their location. Students collect data about moisture (humidity, cloud cover, and precipitation), air temperature, wind, and air pressure. Their studies lead to understanding about weather as the condition of the air at a place and time.

In Chapter 1, students consider what weather is. In Chapter 2, they examine the water cycle and collect data for cloud cover, precipitation, and humidity of the air. In Chapter 3, they decide on a location in the school to measure the temperature of the air and collect temperature data. In Chapter 4, they consider changing air pressure as an indicator of changing weather and collect data for air pressure. In Chapter 5, they describe wind as the movement of the air and collect data for wind. In Chapter 6, students collect weather data and discover what they can learn from displays of the data. Chapters can be done individually or grouped together with one or more chapters. Each chapter includes the following components:

  • Description — summarizes what students will do.
  • Goals — lists the intended results.
  • The Activity — provides procedures.
  • Assessment — offers guidelines for evaluating progress towards meeting the goals.
  • NGSS Alignment — lists the standards that are supported.
  • Reading — provides information about the chapter content.
  • Activity Sheet — provides the procedures for the activity.

The Student Packet for the What’s the Weather? unit is intended for use with the What’s the Weather? Teacher’s Guide. It includes the readings and activity sheets for the unit. Activity sheets include links to the interactive features described in the Teacher’s Guide and space to write. Readings include links to the Chapter Image Gallery, Glossary, and Quiz. Activity sheets and readings also include audio description of the text components.


The Teacher’s Guide and Student Packet include: videos of terms signed in ASL; audio descriptions, and text as voice.