Eric Hochberg

Senior Researcher

Dr. Eric Hochberg has more than a decade of experience conducting research and evaluation in mathematics and science education.

Eric’s research and evaluation work draws on professional experience as an elementary school teacher and an academic background in education policy. At TERC, Eric’s directs external evaluation for two university-based NSF-funded research projects, including a micro-credentialing program aimed at improving high school mathematics and science instruction in a large urban school district, and a design-based research project focused on redesigning pre-service elementary teachers’ STEM coursework. Eric’s other research and evaluation experience includes projects focused on STEM teacher professional development, mentoring, and induction across a range of grade spans. Eric received specialized training in field-based education research and evaluation methods through an IES-funded research fellowship during graduate school. 

Eric’s primary interests are at the intersection of curriculum, instruction, and education policy, with particular focus on professional development and the roles of policy and school organizations in supporting teaching and learning. In his spare time, Eric enjoys playing and learning with his young children, and he is active with a social organization in his community.


Ph.D. in Education Policy, University of Pennsylvania


Education policy
Professional development
Mathematics and science curriculum and instruction
STEM integration with the Arts
Evaluation of online programs and products


Assessing Changes in Chemical Thinking (ACCT)
Building Coherence in STEM Learning Opportunities for Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers across Disciplinary Boundaries
Evaluating the Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) Professional Development Program
Innovators Developing Accessible Tools for Astronomy (IDATA)
Levels of Conceptual Understanding of Statistics (LOCUS)
The Milwaukee Master Teacher Partnership (MMTP)