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The project is a unique and time-sensitive opportunity to extend our current NSF-funded research on the impact of a 3-year, longitudinal early algebra intervention on children’s algebra readiness for middle grades. The project will allow us to explore students’ knowledge of core algebraic concepts once they enter middle grades, one year after their completion of the intervention.

The project examines two primary issues: (1) how well intervention students retain their algebra understanding beyond the life of the intervention; and (2) whether and how the intervening year of regular classroom instruction in grade 6 influences the algebra understanding of both intervention and comparison students. The opportunity presented in the project is unique in that it would be virtually impossible to replicate this particular population of students (all of whom have participated in our 3-year early algebra intervention as either intervention or comparison students) in order to study critical issues such as algebra knowledge retention and algebra readiness during middle grades. It is also time-sensitive in that our aim is to study participants’ algebra knowledge one year after their completion of the current study.

Supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DRL-1550897.