The chart below summarizes the alignment between TERC's EMPower™ series, the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Content Standards, and the CCR Standards for Mathematical Practice.

In the "Standards for Mathematical Practice" column, notice some links in bold blue text (for example "MP.2"). Clicking on these links will download a sample activity from the EMPower™ series that exemplifies the Mathematical Practice (MP) indicated.

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Click to download the complete CCR Standards for Mathematics (content standards and standards for mathematical practice).
The Mathematics section begins on page 44.

EMPower Book Title

College and Career Readiness Content Standards

Standards for Mathematical Practice

 Standards introducedStandards addressed

EMPower Plus Everyday Number Sense:

Mental Math and Visual Models*

1.NBT.2  2.NBT.1  2.NBT.4   4.0A.3 

1.G.2   5.NBT.5    3.MD.6   3.MD.7.c

3.MD.6   6NS.6a   6.NS.7b   7NS.1a



1.NBT.4  1.NBT.5  1.NBT.6   2.NBT.3 

2.NBT.6  2.NBT.7  2.NBT.8  2.NBT.9 

3.NBT.1  3.NBT.2  3.NBT.3  4.NBT.1 

4.NBT.2  4.NBT.3  4.NBT.5  5.NBT.2 

5.NBT.3a  5.NBT.4 5.NBT.6  1.OA.3

1.OA.4   1.OA.6   1.OA.7   1.OA.8   

2.OA.1   3.OA.3   3.OA.4   3.OA.5   

3.OA.6    3.OA.7  3.OA.9   5.OA.1   

6.EE.1   6.EE.2c   2.MD.6  3.MD.7a

 MP.2  MP.5

MP.6  MP.7

EMPower Plus Using Benchmarks:

Fractions and Operations*

4.NF.6   6.NS.1    2.MD.4   3.MD.7.c

3.NF1     3.NF.2   3.NF.2a   3.NF.2b   

3.NF.3    3.NF.3a  3.NF.3b   3.NF.3c  

3.NF.3d  2.G.3      3.G.2      3.MD.7c

4.NF.1    4.NF.2    4.NF.3a   4.NF.3b   

4.NF.3c   4.NF.3d   4.NF.4  4.NF.4a  

4.NF.4b    4.NF.4c    5.NF.1   5.NF.2

5.NF.3   5.NF.4     5.NF.5     5.NF.6    

5.NF.7   5.NF.7a    5.NF.7b    5.NF.7c


MP.3  MP.4

MP.5  MP.6

EMPower Plus Split It Up:

More Fractions, Decimals and Percents*


4.NBT.1   5.NBT.1  5.NBT.2   5.NBT.3

5.NBT.3a  5.NBT.3b   5.NBT.4 

5.NBT.7    4.NF.6    4.MD.2

MP.2  MP.3  MP.6

MP.7  MP.8

Over, Around, and Within

3.G.1   4.G.1   5.G.3   6.G.1   6.G.4 

2.MD.4     3.MD.4    4.MD.2    4.MD.3  4.MD.5    

4.MD.7    5.MD.3    5.MD.4  7.G.1        7.G.6

K.G.4     1.G.2     1.MD.2    2.G.1   

2.MD.2  3.MD.5   3.MD.6   3.MD.7   

3.MD.8   4.MD.6

MP.2  MP.4

MP.5  MP.6

Many Points Make a Point

2.MD.6    6.SP.4     6.SP.5     7.SP.1 


1.MD.4   2.MD.10   3.MD.3   6.SP.2   6.SP.3       MP.1
Keeping Things in Proportion4.OA.2   5.NF.3   6.RP.3   7.RP.24.NF.1   6.RP.1   6.RP.2

MP.4  MP.6


Seeking Patterns, Building Rules

5.G.1    6.RP.3    6.EE.3   6.EE.4

6.EE.5     6.EE.6    6.EE.7     6.EE.9  

7.RP.2     8.EE.5    8.EE.7     8.EE.8 

8.SP.1     8.F.1       8.F.3        8.F.4     8.F.5

3.OA.9   4.OA.5   5.OA.1   5.OA.2   6.EE.2

MP.2  MP.4


* denotes a new title for 2016. Note that the original EMPower book Operation Sense: Even More Fractions, Decimals, and Percents has now been incorporated into the new titles.