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Thinking about Numeracy: Fractions

Activity 1: Fraction problem warm-up

  1. Read (but don't solve) the 3 story problems below.* 
  2. Could each problem be used to illustrate 1 ¾  ÷  ½Vote either YES, NO, or Not sure for each problem.

* These problems are based on released item #7 of the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) Measure, developed by the University of Michigan's Learning Mathematics for Teaching project. See for more information.

Activity 2: Solve

Step 1

  • Solve the problem 1 ¾  ÷ ½  using the strategy you would typically use.
  • Compose your own word problem for 1 ¾  ÷ ½ .


Step 2

Think about what was hard for you both in solving the problem and thinking of a word problem. Review the math proficiency standards from the last Session. Which of those standards came into play as you solved the problem and composed your word problem?


Activity 4: Respond

Please respond to the following. Post your response to the Discussion Board by clicking the image to the right.


  • Think about how you solved 1 3/4 ÷ 1/2. Do you agree with the article’s perspective? Why or why not?


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Activity 5: Reflect in Your Journal

After reading the article, what areas of teaching fractions are you comfortable with, what do you want to work on, what might you do to incorporate some of the ideas that came up for you in your own teaching?