Thinking and Learning about What Community College Students Know and What Many Don't Know

Activity 1: Read

Read the following:

After reading, take some time to review all you have done in Session 1 (defining numeracy, interweaving content strands), Session 2 (Math Proficiency Strands; Standards of Mathematical Practice), and the other readings for this session.

Activity 2: Respond

Please respond to the following. Post your response to the Discussion Board by clicking the image to the right.


  • How do the NCEE recommendations fit with your own observations from teaching and with your own thoughts about what your students need to know to be successful in the workplace?




Activity 3: Reflect in Your Journal

Think about the NCEE report, the interview article, and the other readings you have done. What immediate changes can you make to address the needs cited in the report?  What are the implications for your program?