Thinking about What Community College Students Understand, and What They Need to Know


Activity 1: Solve and Read

Step 1

Solve the three problems below using mental math. (Click the arrows to reveal each problem.)

As you work, consider how you are thinking about each and what number knowledge you are accessing.

Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Step 2

Read the following article:



Activity 2: Respond

Please respond to the following. Post your response to the Discussion Board by clicking the image to the right.


  • In reflecting on the article, what are the limitations of the students’ procedural knowledge? Which of the mathematical proficiency strands come into play when solving these problems?


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Activity 3: Reflect in Your Journal

How would the problems the authors offered the students in the interview develop your students’ understanding and their ability to access the proficiency strands? And in turn, how could your knowledge of the proficiency strands help your students build understanding of other such problems?