On this website, we maintain a list of all New England species for which there is evidence of climate response, as reported in the scientific literature or in other sources (with links to the sources). (Help us keep up to date! Contact us if you see a gap!).   We believe that in teaching about climate change in our region, the stories of individual species can be interesting and even compelling entry points.

To make this list even more useful, we have begun to create a series of "Species Briefs."  These one-to-two page pieces present some basic information about the distribution and ecology of the species, and then about the reported climate response and its implications.

The first three briefs are about the high-bush blueberry, the dwarf elfin butterfly, and the moose.  More will appear in the coming weeks.These briefs are suitable for classroom use, or for other distribution purposes.  Please use them!  Tell us what you use them for! Send us suggestions for improvement!