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The Innovate to Mitigate Challenge is open to all middle school and high school students in the U.S. and around the world, so share the word. Visit our media toolkit page for posts that you can share on Facebook and Twitter.

The following ideas won the previous round of the Innovate to Mitigate challenge:

  • Using recycled tubing to focus sunlight and create biochar more efficiently
  • Installing green roofs on the roofs of buses and cars

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Latest Additions!

Australian community pushing for solar thermal power
Port Augusta, Australia is working towards replacing their coal-fire power plant with a stand-alone solar thermal plant.

Six Foods has developed tortilla chips made out of crickets
This company has developed food made from insects that looks and tastes just like one of America's favorite snack foods.

New contract means wind-powered trains in the Netherlands
The Netherlands' largest train operator has signed a contract to power all of their trains off of wind energy by 2018.

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