December 6th: Abstracts due

December 6th- December 13th: Crowd discuss of abstracts

December 20th: Submit revised abstracts

December 27th: Announcement of project ideas

December 27th- March 6th: Work on your Round 2 project

March 6th: Submission deadline for Round 2 project

March 16th- March 24th: Crowd discuss

March 25th: Winners announced!


 $4,000 1st Prize

  $2,500 2nd Prize

  $500 Crowd vote 

  $500 Critic Award

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Past Contest Entries

Below is a selection of entries from the last round of the competition.

Bean: "Greenhouse Gas Collecting Tree Network"

My idea for reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is engineering and installing artificial trees in locations all... [More]

Bews: "Sustainable and Appropriate Energy Trailer (SEAT)"

We hope to build a trailer that showcases some energy technologies that could profoundly improve the lives of people in... [More]

blake k: "Regulation and Taxation"

In order to limit our green house gas emissions, my idea is to have the government, either state or federal, place a limit... [More]

Chemistry Cat: "Power Paint"

Let’s paint energy on to buildings! Buildings, houses, and stores are in the daylight from anywhere between one second to... [More]

Cogediv: "Artificial Leaves"

Greenhouse gas emissions are a growing concern in our world. A possible way to mitigate the greenhouse gases is by the... [More]

Eravios: "Increased School Efficency"

Greenhouse gas emissions can be mitigated by improving the energy efficiency of public schools. This can be achieved by... [More]

Insert Joke Here: "Pests for Power"

We (me and my partner in crime) recently found a little YouTube video mentioning that Cockroaches produce hydrogen from... [More]