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Session 1: What is the "Chunk"?

Goal for this session: Teachers will be able to identify what students are ready to learn about a disciplinary core idea (DCI) and how far they can move their understanding forward in one investigation. We call this a “chunk.” An investigation may be a single lesson or short sequence of lessons.

Session 2: Investigation Questions

Goal for this session: Teachers are able to a craft an investigation question that guides activities and discussions and leads students to a deeper understanding of a disciplinary core idea (DCI).

Session 3: What's the Evidence

Goal for this session: In the NGSS vision, students learn that science relies on evidence to answer questions about the natural world.   As teachers plan their lessons, they learn to consider what evidence students will need to develop explanations and what classroom activities will lead to the evidence.

Session 4: Focus on Making Meaning

Goal for this session: Teachers are able to plan full class discussions where students share their thinking and reasoning as they make sense of their classroom work.