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November 1st: Abstracts due

November 4th- November 8th: Crowd discuss of abstracts on Facebook

November 15th: Submit revised abstracts

November 18th: Announcement of project ideas

November 18th- March 6th: Work on your Round 2 project

March 6th: Submission deadline for Round 2 project

March 16th- March 24th: Crowd discuss on Facebook

March 25th: Winners announced!


 $4,000 1st Prize

  $2,500 2nd Prize

  $500 Crowd vote 

  $500 Critic Award

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The following ideas were submitted by early adopters in a previous round of the Innovate to Mitigate challenge:

  • Miniaturized “scrubbers” that remove dissolved CO2 from ocean water
  • “Wave generators” that work horizontally not vertically for use in rivers
  • Using recycled tubing and solar focusing to create biochar more efficiently

This Promising Ideas section should give you an idea of what's possible, and hopefully can spark new ideas of your own!


  • Power Generation Techniques
    Biochemical | Biomass  | Hydro Power | Wind Power | Solar Power | Other
  • Power Storage Techniques
    Potential | Kinetic | Chemical | Electrochemical

  • Efficiency and Conservation
    Agriculture Manufacturing Transit Buildings

  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration
    Agriculture Direct Geological

  • Promising Ideas

  • Finance
  • Social and Behavioral Change

Latest Additions!

Australian community pushing for solar thermal power
Port Augusta, Australia is working towards replacing their coal-fire power plant with a stand-alone solar thermal plant.

Six Foods has developed tortilla chips made out of crickets
This company has developed food made from insects that looks and tastes just like one of America's favorite snack foods.

New contract means wind-powered trains in the Netherlands
The Netherlands' largest train operator has signed a contract to power all of their trains off of wind energy by 2018.

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