Lead with a Question

Goal for this session: Science begins with questions about the natural world.  In this session you craft an investigation question that guides activities and discussions and leads students to a deeper understanding of a disciplinary core idea (DCI).

Study Guide

Prepare – See how a good investigation question shines a spotlight on a DCI and the practices students use to better understand the idea

  1. Read The Right Question at the Right Time by Jos Elstgeest.  What are key characteristics of “productive questions?”
  2. Get to know the Investigation Question Planning Tool (docx). Review the Example (pdf) filled-in tool for Investigating Water Transformations Investigation 4, What does a drop of water weigh?
  3. Complete the Investigation Question PLC Activity.
  4. See how NGSS grade 5 performance expectations help students formulate answers to questions.  As students learn to answer these questions, they learn more about practices, crosscutting concepts, and DCIs described in the NRC Framework.

Use the Planning Tool

  1. Select a lesson from your current curriculum.
  2. Identify the learning goal.
  3. Complete the Investigation Questions Planning Tool.

Discuss in Your PLC

With your colleagues, share your filled out planning tools. Discuss the benefits of using questions to frame your science lessons.  Plan your next steps.