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LEAP 3 4024: The Impact of a Teacher-Led Early Algebra Intervention on Children's Algebra-Readiness for Middle School

Early algebra is viewed as a critical means for preparing students for success in a more formal study of algebra in middle and secondary grades. However, this premise has been virtually unexplored. Therefore, the primary purpose of this project is to (1) measure the effectiveness of a teacher-led early algebra intervention, in demographically diverse settings, on children’s algebra readiness for middle school and (2) assess the fidelity with which elementary teachers implement the intervention in authentic, intact classrooms.

CUF 2 4054: Learning Trajectories in Grades K-2 Children's Understanding of Algebraic Relationships 

The research goal for the project is to identify learning trajectories as cognitive models of how grades K–2 children learn to generalize, represent, and reason with algebraic relationships. The project will address immediate challenges facing PreK–12 STEM education concerning the need to understand how young children, at the start of formal schooling, make sense of core algebraic concepts and practices typically reserved for students in later grades.