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This first project was designed to build the preliminary components for investigating the impacts of early algebra education on students’ algebra readiness in middle grades. The project goals were

  1. To coordinate research, curricular, and mathematical perspectives to design an Early Algebra Learning Progression [EALP] that identifies core algebraic concepts and their progression in children’s thinking across upper elementary and middle grades (grades 3-7). The EALP was based on the core algebraic concepts of (1) Variable, (2) Functional Thinking, (3) Equations, Expressions, Equality and Inequality, (3) Generalized Arithmetic and (5) Proportional Reasoning.
  2. Using the EALP, to design grade-based assessments of students’ algebra understanding for upper elementary and middle grades (grades 3-7) and to validate these assessments through psychometric testing.
  3. To conduct a preliminary study concerning the impact of an early algebra intervention based on the EALP and measured by the assessments developed in Project Goal 2.
  4. To use the EALP and associated tasks to identify appropriate tasks for content-based teacher professional development [TPD] and to refine this through implementation of the TPD.

Supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DRL #1207945