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This project is testing the effectiveness of a comprehensive, longitudinal early algebra intervention in elementary grades 3-5 on middle-school algebra-readiness. This project draws from past project researchers’ development of an efficacious grade 3-7 early algebra learning progression, assessments, and professional development model.

The goal of our current project is to use the EALP and associated grade-level assessments developed in the above project to examine the effectiveness of an early algebra intervention. We are conducting a longitudinal study to measure the impact of a comprehensive, sustained early algebra intervention in grades 3–5 on students' algebra understanding in elementary grades and their algebra readiness in middle school. The project uses a quasi-experimental design to compare the performance of students who receive an early algebra intervention to students who receive more traditional elementary grades instruction. We are additionally conducting yearly interviews with a subset of students to gain further insight into their algebraic thinking.

Supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DRL-1219605/06