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  After being stuck in the past for so long, our initial goals in re-introducing ourselves to you are rather modest:

    • To stay true to our original journey as possible, while also allowing you to play with us on iPads and other tablets
    • To appeal to both those of you who remember the original fondly and to new players who have never met us before
    • To make sure we are still loved and have a place today!

Needless to say, you will be seeing us in beautiful high definition (Arno* might need some makeup for that)! Some of our challenges may change a little in approach – the Titanic Tattooed Toads are hard enough without having to worry about your finger missing the mark. We also know our narrator had a distinctive approach, but we’re not sure kids nowadays will appreciate his corny sense of humor.

Our story, the logic and difficulty of our channels, and our essential character, however, will not change.  We are hardy and resourceful, but we still need you to guide us to the promised land of Zoombiniville!

If we are successful, then you have a good chance of seeing us on the iPhone/smaller devices, continuing our further adventures from Mountain Rescue and Island Odyssey, and maybe even some new adventures and worlds later on.

*pizza trolls don't have the best complexion

And now a word from our sponsor….

Hello everyone. Like many of you, we love Zoombinis and would like to see an updated version for ourselves, our children, and Zoombinis fans everywhere! We were very pleased to have gotten the rights back to Zoombinis last year and hope we can make this happen.

As our friends have said above, our initial plans for the Zoombinis are to redevelop the original game, Logical Journey, to a playable form on tablets. TERC is a not-for-profit, and the first charge for the team here is to make sure that there is still an audience for Zoombinis - and that you all still love it (i.e. will buy lots of copies)! Our simplest path to this is through the adaptation to tablets, with improvements for touchscreens and other interface affordances. While we would love to show up on your iPhone/Android or Windows phone, some of the challenges, like the Toads, need some real work to be playable on a small screen.

If Logical Journey does well, then we will be looking at the two other previous games in the series, and possibly new adventures in the future.  For now, we have our eyes on the immediate goal.

Our "spokes-Zoombinis" friends Yedripe and Pernoo will provide short updates via Twitter and Wordpress on our progress and eventual game development. We will be asking for your feedback as questions come up, and on any changes necessary to adapt to tablets and touch. We value all those of you who still love Zoombinis as we do and want to see them in the modern era - for yourself, your children, or both!

Thanks, and we look forward to restoring the Zoombinis “sense of fulfillment and inner peace!”

For the Zoombinis Team at TERC,

  • David Libby, Director of Technology
  • Glen Secor, Director of Business Development

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