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The Value of Sorts, Matches, and Clipping to a Number Line
by Connie Rivera In my class, I regularly ask students to: Match to each other cut outs of different representations such as: a graph, table, or equation matched to a situation; an array matched to an expression; or a drawing matched to a fraction, decimal or percent. Sort into categories shapes, graphs, or different visual … Continue reading The Value of Sorts, Matches, and Clipping to a Number Line
Creating Open Questions
by Melissa Braaten “Open questions” are getting a lot of attention these days in math education, and for good reason. Unlike more traditional “closed” questions, which have one right answer, open questions allow for many possible correct answers, and/or many possible ways of approaching the problem. Open questions often invite deeper mathematical reasoning than closed … Continue reading Creating Open Questions

Our Mission

Creating engaging mathematics learning experiences has long been a focus of TERC’s work. Numeracy, the ability to manage the quantitative demands of a situation, to solve problems in real contexts, is at the heart of much that adults need to do.  The Adult Numeracy Center at TERC helps adults and young adults understand how math is present and relevant in everyday life, and how they can use this knowledge to improve their lives and communities.

The National Research Council’s definition of math proficiency guides our work with learners, teachers, directors, and professional development providers. Together with state and city partners we build capacity to offer high quality math instruction in adult learning centers, schools, community colleges, and informal settings. We work in concert with informal educators such as environmental organizers to design materials that foster science and math learning.



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EMPower Plus, which includes an updated and enhanced versions of three titles (Using Benchmarks, Split It Up, and Everyday Number Sense) in the original EMPowerTM series, is now available for purchase. EMPower Plus titles were specifically designed to align with Career and College Readiness Standards for Adult Education.

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The Adult Numeracy Center at TERC is also the SABES PD Center for Mathematics and Adult Numeracy.

SABES (System for Adult Basic Education Support) promotes high quality adult basic education services in Massachusetts through training, support, and resources that improve the skills and knowledge of practitioners and strengthen programs. Read more!