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The curriculum is published by Its About Time publishers.  It is available in electronic and/or print-on-demand form. Purchase of the text will also includes access to the Teacher Guide, an electronic version of the Student materials and extensive additional resources online. You can find it on the publisher's website at

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Biocomplexity and the Habitable Planet uses a case study approach to engage students in the science of coupled natural and human systems, exploring the complex fabric of relationships between humans and the environment at all spatial and temporal scales. Biocomplexity consist»s of inquiry-based investigations designed around cases in urban, agricultural, tropical and polar systems, in which students address environmental land use challenges increasingly confronted by society. Students gather evidence and marshal arguments in support of possible solutions.
Our mission is to foster the understanding of the complex fabric of relationships between humans and the environment, vital and important knowledge for all citizens in an era of global human impact on the environment. We can no longer study natural systems without considering human interactions. High school science materials should reflect this critically important fact, and also support students to engage in authentic investigations. With its coverage of biocomplex systems, multiple uses of scientific and social-science data, and emphasis on student inquiry, Biocomplexity offers an excellent capstone experience for 11th and 12th grade students as a replacement module, a semester course or a year long intensive series of units.

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