How To Buy The Curriculum

The curriculum is published by Its About Time publishers.  It is available in electronic and/or print-on-demand form. Purchase of the text will also includes access to the Teacher Guide, an electronic version of the Student materials and extensive additional resources online. You can find it on the publisher's website at

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Within each unit there is a series of Sections containing several Lessons. Each Lesson is based upon a learning goal that guides what students are learning. Every lesson prepares students for the unit Challenge in which students prepare a solution to an environmental challenge and argue in support of their solution drawing on all information presented in the unit. Although the Challenges are introduced in the beginning of the units and referred to in each lesson, their completion as final projects at the end of the units serves as a performance assessment for each unit.

Other features of the Biocomplexity curriculum include:

  • Readings

    Many lessons have short readings associated with them. They are intended to take students to a deeper level of understanding of the topics under investigation in the lesson.
  • Investigation Protocols

    Protocols are supplied when students perform field or lab investigations or learn new technology applications. They are placed after the lessons in each unit so they can be used and referenced when needed.
  • Unit Reviews

    Students can review the key learning goals of the unit, as well as use multiple choice and short answer assessment questions for review.
  • Blackline Masters

    You will find copies of the tables and charts and other student materials at the back of the Teacher Guide.
  • Glossary

    A glossary of terms is provided at the end of the curriculum.
  • Biocomplexity Website

    Teachers can find copies of the curriculum materials, links that provide additional resources, examples of student work, as well as video clips and datasets for student use in all four units.