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Evaluating DMI Study Overview

Evaluating DMI is a study of the Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) elementary math professional development program. It builds on previous studies showing the impact of DMI on teachers' mathematical and pedagogical knowledge, and uses scientifically rigorous experimental methods. Our study looks at how taking part in DMI affects elementary teachers' knowledge and teaching practices, and how it affects what their students learn about number and operations.

Evaluating DMI works with 195 Grades 1-5 teachers and their students in three Massachusetts public school districts who are using the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space curriculum. Teachers agree to take part in two DMI seminars on number and operations, and to be part of the study for two years. They are randomly assigned to be in seminars in either the first year of the project, or to wait a year and serve as the comparison group. Both groups receive DMI PD and are compensated for their research participation.

The Evaluating DMI project is made possible with support from the National Science Foundation through award #DRL-1019769.

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Evaluating DMI explores the impact on teaching and learning of intensive math professional development focusing on deeper understanding of math and students' thinking. It also builds and tests new measures of teacher content knowledge and teaching practice.

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