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The Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) Program

About the curriculum

DMI is a commercially published elementary and middle grades (K-8) mathematics teacher professional development (PD) program based on well-established principles of effective PD. Teachers in DMI deepen their understanding of key mathematical ideas, explore students' thinking about "big mathematical ideas," and discuss teaching that supports students to develop mathematical understanding.

There are seven DMI curriculum units. The Evaluating DMI study focuses on DMI's initial number and operations units: "Building a System of Tens" and "Making Meaning for Operations."

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About DMI teacher seminars

The PD context models the classroom environment teachers are asked to create. There are eight 3-hour sessions in each seminar. In a typical session, teachers do mathematics together and discuss a written or video classroom case focused on students' thinking about mathematical ideas. Homework assignments ask teachers to bring ideas from the seminar into their classroom, and then reflect on what happened. DMI teachers participate in an inquiry-oriented, learner-centered, PD learning environment that emphasizes mathematical communication, conjecturing, and problem solving using everyday language, concrete materials, visual representations, and mathematical symbols.

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