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The proposed work builds systematically on the past decade of the project team's early algebra research, and promises to contribute both theoretically and pragmatically to the teaching of early algebra. In particular, the research will contribute to the identification of instructional practices that enhance children's algebraic knowledge and skills and offer critical and practical guidance to teacher educators and teacher supervisors regarding effective early algebra instructional practices. These outcomes have the potential to transform instructional practices designed to support students' early algebra learning and, ultimately, to increase all students' readiness for and success in learning algebra.

The proposed work has potential to significantly enhance student learning in an area of mathematics that is critically important to further study in STEM-related fields and to future career options. Importantly, the research is situated in demographically diverse school settings, settings that speak positively to the generalizability of the work as well as to developing the algebra readiness of underrepresented student populations. The proposed work will offer practical benefits to teacher educators through the development of a research-based and field-tested early algebra observation protocol and the identification of profiles of effective instructional practices.

Supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DRL-1721192