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Zen Section

NOTICE: A new challenge is starting for the 2019 school year. Check back soon for more details!

Take a look at submissions from our last challenge at to begin getting ideas


Zen Section

The Challenge   

Innovate to Mitigate wants students or student groups to submit ideas about how to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gases.

People around the world are working hard on this problem. To meet the big challenges we face, we need good ideas from everyone. This challenge encourages young people to unlock their immense potential for finding solutions!

Students compete for a chance to win prize money and earn recognition from peers, community, and experts.


Students teams from around the world will submit their ideas about how to address climate change.

Here is what you need to do to for a team and begin working on your abstracts

  • Form a team of 2-6 students that want to work together on this year-long project.
  • Create a Facebook profile that all of you will have access to. This page will be used to discuss ideas with others and to vote on submissions.
  • Get a teacher or a mentor who is interested in working with you along this journey.
  • Register your team here and make sure each student has a signed consent form. Parents and students must sign the form!
  • Your team mentor will attend 3 webinars that give further details about the Challenge to better help you along your way.


  • Each team will submit an abstract on Facebook in order to participate.
  • Abstracts must be 250 words

Ten of these abstracts will be chosen as ideas for Round 2. If your abstract wasn't chosen- don't worry- every team will be eligible to submit a project for round 2. 

Browse the submissions and see the qualifiers!


DATES: MAR. 27 – JUN. 15
  • Mar 27–May 13: Work on your submission. You can find the rubric  if you click on "Learn more" on  the website
  • May 13: The link to register your intent to submit a video and paper will be open May 13 at 5 pm EST. Once your regisration has been confirmed, you will receive an email containing a link to the video hall, which is where you will upload your submission, beginning May 18.
  • At this time we will also email you a fillable pdf consent form, which all participants must complete. You will not be able to enter your submission without it. You can sign it yourself if you are 18 years old. Students younger than 18 must get the form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • May 18-29: Upload is open. You will provide some information about yourself and your submission, upload your video and paper, and upload your completed consent form. Teams should designate a "lead presenter" to begin this process, who will then add information about team members. The deadline is midnight EDT on May 29.
  • June 1-3: We will review and confirm your uploads.
  • June 8-11: The posterhall is open.  Judges will pose questions for you in the judge's forum, where you will be able to respond to their queries. The presentations are also open for public viewing and discussion by invitation. 
  • June 12-14: The project judges review submissions, and your answers to judges' queries, and selects winners.  Also at this time, you will receive a link to a survey asking you about your perception of the competition experience. Winners will not be announced until all participants have completed the survey!
  • June 15: Winners are announced.

Please email if you have questions:

Share The Challenge

The Innovate to Mitigate Challenge is open to all middle school and high school students in the U.S., so share the word. Visit our media toolkit page for posts that you can share on Facebook and Twitter.