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Eli Tucker-Raymond, TERC – Principal Investigator 
Principal Investigator Eli Tucker-Raymond is a research scientist with the Chèche Konnen Center in the Education Research Collaborative at TERC. His work focuses on the intersections of STEM content, critical literacies, and media/arts practices in expansive learning spaces.

Brian Gravel, Tufts – Co-Principal Investigator 
Brian is a lecturer and Director of Elementary STEM Education in Tufts University’s Department of Education. He studies representations (e.g., how people express their ideas in talk, writing, drawing, etc.) in math, science, and engineering, how different technologies support learning, and how new spaces—like makerspaces—provide opportunities for students to think, reason, and make sense of their world.

Ada Ren – Research Assistant
Ada owns as many hats as she has projects. She is currently a web developer and graphic designer in digital learning, a gesture researcher in linguistics, and excited to be playing a part in studying STEM literacies. She received her bachelor's degree from MIT in Brain and Cognitive Sciences in 2011, focusing on how the physical experience influences mental models of the self. Her passion for STEM education is expressed in her hobbies of digital fabrication and fashion design.

Aditi Wagh – Postdoctoral Fellow
Aditi is working with Eli Tucker-Raymond and Brian Gravel on investigation STEM literacies in youth and adult makerspaces. Their goal is to find ways to translate these STEM literacies to design makerspaces for novice makers.  

She also does work at the intersection of cognition and design in the context of science education. She investigates students’intuitive knowledge about scientific phenomena to design computational modeling supports that bootstrap this knowledge and facilitate learning. She examines students’ interactions with these computational models to characterize learning processes. Her research is heavily informed by the theoretical frameworks of Knowledge in Pieces, Constructionism and Complex Systems.

Briana Jefferson– Research Assistant
For the STEMLiMS project, Briana observes students in maker spaces to learn more about ethnographical practices. In her spare time, she likes to read, and binge watch series on Netflix.  

Jana Borgen – Senior Administrative Assistant
Jana currently illustrates multiple educational apps for handheld devices. She is a former printmaker and metalsmith who enjoys granulating watercolors and dying Ukrainian eggs.

Kaitlin Kohberger – Research Assistant
Kaitlin is a graduate student at Tufts University in the School Psychology program. Research in creative maker spaces compliments her passion for outdoor and experiential, hands on education, and current studies. 

Kyle Browne – Research Assistant Emerita
Kyle Browne is an artist and educator who directs the Cambridge Creativity Commons, affiliated with Lesley University, a program that uses the arts to enrich learning across disciplines, specifically in arts, science and technology in the Cambridge Public Schools. She is a practicing visual artist and her work draws upon themes of time, place and human interaction with nature.

Our partners


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Artisan’s Asylum

Jess Muise – Membership Services Director
One of the foremost makerspaces in the world, Artisan's Asylum provides shared resources for aspiring and professional artists, engineers, and manufacturers in the greater Boston area to help make their ideas into reality. 


Calvin Domenico III – CEO
At the heart of DGF lies an inventive spirit. One that drives us to explore the challenges our clients face during development, and to provide the unique solutions needed to grow their businesses.


Dr. Paulo Blikstein
Assistant Professor, Stanford University specializes in understanding how new technologies can deeply transform STEM learning.

Dr. Kris Guttierez
Professor Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of California at Berkeley and Professor Emerita of Social Research Methodology, UCLA, studies learning in designed environments and the affordances of syncretic-hybrid approaches to literacy, particularly with students from non-dominant communities.

Dr. David Hammer
Professor of Science Education, Tufts University specializes in science learning across ages and how instructors respond to learners’ thinking and models of reasoning. 

Dr. Paula Hooper
Senior Learning Scientist at the Exploratorium, San Francisco specializes in learning with digital media from a sociocultural perspective. She has worked in settings that include museums and museum programs, public schools, and online communities.

Andee Rubin 
Senior Research Scientist, TERC specializes in learning in informal contexts, learning statistical representations, and learning with technology.

Dr. Christopher Wright
Assistant Professor of STEM education, University of Tennessee, specializes in the representational practices of African American boys in engineering practices. 



Judah LeBlang
Judah Leblang has conducted program evaluations since joining the Program Evaluation and Research Group in 2000. He specializes in the evaluation of informal education/out of school time programs, museum exhibitions, arts programs, and other education-focused activities.

Dr. Debra Richardson Smith
Debra Richardson Smith is director of the Program Evaluation & Research Group (PERG) at Endicott College. She is a researcher, educator and artist with an interest in the intersection of collaborative inquiry and invention.