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Through the GECCo program, Cadettes investigate how and where energy is produced and used, learn about climate change, and develop skills in using media to spread the word about saving energy. They become leaders in the fight against climate change.

Power Down

Many of the things we use every day, such as lights, refrigerators, game systems, and computers, use electricity… and a lot of that electricity is wasted. Cadettes explore their own use of electricity, find ways to save energy, and become leaders in their communities by sharing information about ways to save energy and fight climate change.

Activity Guide (PDF 14 Mb)

Travelin' Green

Cars and trucks burn gasoline, which puts a lot of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, adding to climate change. Cadettes explore their own travel habits and become leaders in their communities by sharing information about saving energy used for transportation.

Activity Guide (PDF 8.4 Mb)

Tell the World

Cadettes "tell the world" how to save energy to help fight climate change by planning, creating, and then sharing videos, animations, or video games! They develop communication and technology skills, and take leadership by communicating about energy conservation to their communities.

Activity Guide (PDF 1Mb)

Tell The World Examples and Support Materials