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Zen Section

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award!


“Parents will love seeing the "A-ha!" moments as their children catch on to the trick of each level. Zoombinis will become a quick favorite -- kids and parents alike will want to sneak in a few extra minutes to get the crazy creatures a little further along the path.” - See the full review here.


The Game

Only you can deliver the Zoombinis from the clutches of the evil Bloats, who have seized control of Zoombini Isle! Guiding the Zoombinis to their new home will require your best creative and logical thinking, as the way ahead is perilous.

Solve fun and challenging puzzles and explore a strange land packed with memorable and quirky characters. Playing Zoombinis teaches and reinforces valuable life skills, including deductive reasoning, pattern recognition, hypothesis testing, and more.


Widget Connector

Lead the Zoombinis home!

iPad®, Android™, and Kindle Fire tablets:


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Windows® and Mac OSX® computers:


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Educational institution purchases for Mac and Windows:

Zoombinis Educational Inquiries


Zoombinis is also part of Apple's Education Volume Purchase Program on both iPads & Macs.


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