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Boston has a plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. They also have a well-designed website that outlines that plan and what it means.   Learn More

Berkley, CA climate change plan

This city's initiatives have resulted in a 43% reduction in waste sent to landfills, reducing their methane footprint dramatically. Learn More

Energetic art

These artificial trees generate a small amount of power as the wind blows through their "leaves", both providing renewable energy, and snowing everyone who sees them that we're surrounded by energy just waiting to be collected.  


Port Augusta, Australia is working towards replacing their coal-fire power plant with a stand-alone solar thermal plant. This is both an advance in solar power, and a new example of a community taking action on climate change!


There are a number of groups working the "transition town" model, which encourages towns to work as communities to transition away from fossil fuels. 

Redesigning cities for bikes

Lessons from a "brilliant" bike plan, showing how innovations in city planning, layout, and use can result in more efficient transit.