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Water-powered water pumps

These spiral water pump designs run off of running water. They're simple, and sustainable by design, because they won't run if there's too little water. Additionally, the basic design could be adapted to work with other power sources (like wind, for example) to move water from standing bodies like ponds or lakes!

Programming the best arrangement for tidal turbines

Computer simulation provides best setup for hydrokinetic power generation from tides and ocean currents currents.

Waves from swimmers to generate pool lights

A college student has developed a generator that uses the motion of water in a swimming pool to power the lights for the pool. 


People have been working to harvest energy from the ocean for years, and every once in a while, somebody comes up with an idea nobody had tried before. This design would take advantage of the constant presence and pressure of waves to generate power through a hydraulic system without little to no damage to sea life, boats, or even the scenery.