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Zen Section

The players’ goal is to help the Zoombinis reach their new home. They achieve this by using logic and reasoning to solve unique challenges they find along their adventure. Every puzzle they encounter is different which makes for a challenging and fun experience every time. Players have to think on their feet and learn how to find solutions in any situation.

Players learn important life skills such as algebraic thinking, data analysis, theory formulation, and more in a fun and engaging setting. With four levels of increasing difficulty, players are constantly challenged, improving their problem-solving skills as they advance through the game.

Educational materials:

  • Zoombinis & the Art of Mathematical Play - by Chris Hancock and Scot Osterweil, TERC Hands On!, Spring 1996.  The thinking behind Logical Journey of the Zoombinis and what makes for good game design by its original creators. Updated art. 
  • The Mathematical Learning of Zoombinis - adapted from the original Zoombinis User's Guide. A description of the mathematical concepts behind Zoombinis and extending that thinking beyond the game. (May also give tips on solving challenges!).
  • Parent's Corner - by Scot Osterweil and Chris Hancock, adapted from the original Zoombinis User's Guide. Advice to parents on helping their children with the game and making educational connections to the real world. (Warning parents, you'll need to play yourself!)

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