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We are holding informational webinars to describe the project and answer  your questions. The webinars will be hosted on Zoom.

Webinar dates

May 26th

June 11th

June 25th

July 16th


Pre-register for the project and sign up for a webinar:

First steps 



Round 1: Abstracts

  1. Receive email with consents and info on next steps 
  2. Attend the first of 3 webinars 
    • Participation process, office hours, what an abstract  entails, consents and research process 
  3. Consents 
    • Teacher 
    • Parent/Student  
  4. Send in consent forms 
    • Project staff will reach out to confirm if everything is set 
  5. Attend optional office hours with any questions 
  6. Abstract submissions  due (December 6th) 
    • Edmodo comments and revisions to Abstract
  7. Final Abstract submissions  (December 20th) 

Round 2: Project Development

  1. Project work begins once the announcement of final project ideas is made
  2. Second webinar in December. 
  3. More directions to come.

Key Deadlines




Oct 1st -30th 


Students research and choose project topic, lay out preliminary plan

Fri Oct 30th  

Submit 1st draft of abstract

Mon Nov 13th  

Submit revised abstract

Nov 16th  2020 – Mar 8th 2021


Plan and conduct investigation

Mon Mar  8th   

Video and paper 

Begin to plan 

ID what still needs doing 

Wed Mar 31st  

Submit video and paper

April 1st - 9th  

Discuss with judges and peers

Tues Apr 13th