Areas of Focus

What kinds of projects does SEEC evaluate?

Our primary field of expertise is STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Recent areas of content emphasis have included:

  • Algebraic thinking
  • Biology and biotechnology education
  • Computational thinking
  • Data and statistics
  • Educational equity
  • Elementary math
  • Environmental and earth science, including climate change
  • Online games and software

We have researched and evaluated programs for children and adults in both formal and informal settings, including:

  • Teacher professional development programs
  • Pre-K — University education programs
  • Curricular materials
  • Online courses, games, and other educational software
  • After school programs
  • Adult basic education initiatives
  • Museum exhibits and community programs
What kinds of evaluation work does SEEC do?
  • Needs assessment
  • Front-end evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Formative evaluation
  • External summative evaluation
  • Large scale evaluation research

What organizations' projects and programs has SEEC evaluated?

Many of the programs we evaluate are grant-funded, so the funder is often different from our client-partner. See the full list.