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We welcome 8th – 12th grade STEM teachers who want to engage their students in problem-based learning, doing STEM projects with the potential for real-world impact in mitigating climate change.

The I2M Challenges, structured to align with NGSS practices, can work in the following school contexts:

  • As part or whole of your course elective
  • As a final graduation or independent study project
  • As a free-choice option in science club after school.

Read a brief article  describing past student submissions or browse student videos.


 $4,000 1st Prize

  $2,500 2nd Prize

  $500 Critic Award

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Media tool kit 

In a world that is increasingly run by computers, there are many ways that creative programming can lead to energy conservation. This can be as simple as a timer to dim or turn off lights, or as complicated as a program coordinating the motion of several thousand mirrors to concentrate sunlight on a single point.

Solar roadways

Solar Roadways is a company that is using solar power, engineering, and programming to create a new kind of road that could work for transportation, power generation, power transmission, internet,  and emergency lighting all rolled into one!

Software for solar thermal power

Software turns out to be a vital component in making efficient solar thermal power plants. 

Programming tidal turbines

Computer simulation provides best setup for hydrokinetic power generation from tides and ocean currents


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