November 1st: Abstracts due

November 4th- November 8th: Crowd discuss of abstracts on Facebook

November 15th: Submit revised abstracts

November 18th: Announcement of project ideas

November 18th- March 6th: Work on your Round 2 project

March 6th: Submission deadline for Round 2 project

March 16th- March 24th: Crowd discuss on Facebook

March 25th: Winners announced!


 $4,000 1st Prize

  $2,500 2nd Prize

  $500 Crowd vote 

  $500 Critic Award

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Media tool kit 

  • Defines a specific plan
  • Makes a prediction about its impact
  • Provides information to back up the idea
  • Is scientifically accurate
  • Addresses the feasibility of the plan
  • Presents information, findings, arguments, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically
  • Reader than easily follow the line of reasoning
  • Content is well organized and flows well
  • The presentation flows well
  • Interest level is high, keeps the attention of the audience
  • Video is lively, engaging, or powerful to the audience
  • Is inventive, new, and different
  • Breaks rules and conventions, or uses common materials and/or ideas in new ways