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We welcome 8th – 12th grade STEM teachers who want to engage their students in problem-based learning, doing STEM projects with the potential for real-world impact in mitigating climate change.

The I2M Challenges, structured to align with NGSS practices, can work in the following school contexts:

  • As part or whole of your course elective
  • As a final graduation or independent study project
  • As a free-choice option in science club after school.

Read a brief article  describing past student submissions or browse student videos.


 $4,000 1st Prize

  $2,500 2nd Prize

  $500 Critic Award

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Direct carbon capture refers to using man-made machines, catalysts, or other techniques to pull in air and filter out CO2. At this point in time, there is no efficient, effective way to do this, and so while advances in this technology have been made, we do not have machines capable of removing CO2 from the atmosphere on any meaningful scale.

Plastic resin that absorbs carbon from the air

Researchers at Colombia University develop a material that aggressively absorbs carbon, and can release it again when exposed to water, making it potentially re-useable. 

Concrete that stores carbon

CarbonCure collects CO2 from industrial processes, and stores them in concrete.


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