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akiwi7: "The Rebirth of the Electrical Car and the Introduction to Solar Power"

In a 2008 survey on the amount of CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuel combustion in a country, China and the U.S. were the... [More]

Albert: "Lets Save Our Home"

When vehicles are being used, and factories are operating, hazardous and neutral gases are being released into the Earth’s... [More]

Ale: "Reducing green house gases"

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The greenhouse gas is a type of gas that can easily affect the temperature of the earth. Some of the... [More]

Allie: "Life after Life"

Death is a hard topic to talk about, and when the time comes there are many decisions to be made. Caskets cost a lot of... [More]

Amber: "Stop the CAFO"

Numerous ways exist to reduce greenhouse gasses and cut back our carbon footprint. Vehicles, heating, lumberjacking, and... [More]

Anarely: "How to reduce greenhouse gases?"

What are greenhouse gases? Well, for short it’s called GHG. This creates an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation... [More]

Anna: "The Benefits of Pasturing"

Raising livestock on a pasture-based farm can make a huge difference on your farm's carbon footprint. My family has a small... [More]

awesometwist: "Plastic Bottle Pipe System"

An idea I have is developing a plastic bottle pipe system. To put it simply, we can develop a system that brings fresh,... [More]

bbabybree: "How to reduce greenhouse gases 2"

Greenhouse gases are gases that allow sunlight to enter the earth freely. Gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane... [More]

Bean: "Greenhouse Gas Collecting Tree Network"

My idea for reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is engineering and installing artificial trees in locations all... [More]

Ben a: "Green house gasses"

You all know that greenhouse gasses can be very negative to the earths atmosphere and I’m going to tell you a little about... [More]

Bews: "Sustainable and Appropriate Energy Trailer (SEAT)"

We hope to build a trailer that showcases some energy technologies that could profoundly improve the lives of people in... [More]

blake k: "Regulation and Taxation"

In order to limit our green house gas emissions, my idea is to have the government, either state or federal, place a limit... [More]

Bloonception: "Planting Trees"

Climate change has been a global concern for decades. One of the biggest causes is greenhouse gases due to fossil fuels.... [More]

Bluebell111: "A Greener Cleaner tomorrow"

Use ethanol to replace oil with electronic devices instead of oil, this makes the society sustainable and reduces carbon... [More]

Bobbypoo: "Electro-Scoot"

America is a leader in industry and technology. We have pioneered countless technological advances. Structures such as the... [More]

Cars for Change: "Cars for change"

If we want to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gases, the most effective way to do so is by harnessing the... [More]

carter: "Utilizing motion from traffic in highways as an alternative source of energy"

Renewable energy is an increasingly used avenue for energy production that will only continue to rise in popularity as... [More]

CHAZO: "Exhaust pipe filter"

My idea is to create a exhaust pipe filter. When the gas goes through the filter the carbon dioxide stays in while the rest... [More]

Chemistry Cat: "Power Paint"

Let’s paint energy on to buildings! Buildings, houses, and stores are in the daylight from anywhere between one second to... [More]

Cogediv: "Artificial Leaves"

Greenhouse gas emissions are a growing concern in our world. A possible way to mitigate the greenhouse gases is by the... [More]

crystal22: "2 Tires are Better Than 4"

The greenhouse effect is believed to be the major cause of the increasing of global warming. A large portion of the... [More]

Dylan Volpe: "The Alternative"

Greenhouse gasses change our environment and our atmosphere a great deal. When we burn fossil fuels while driving cars it... [More]

Easymoneysniper: "Nuclear Automobile"

An increase in greenhouse gases has become an enormous problem on our planet. These greenhouse gases result largely from... [More]

Eravios: "Increased School Efficency"

Greenhouse gas emissions can be mitigated by improving the energy efficiency of public schools. This can be achieved by... [More]

Eureka: "Dry Ice Fire Extinguishers"

My group of friends and I have come up with the idea of making a fire extinguisher out of dry ice. Now you may be thinking... [More]

Eva Shaw: "Substitutes"

A major problem today is the greenhouse gases affecting our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane... [More]

Factory pollution: "The Cause and Solution to Air Pollution"

factory pollution is one of the biggest problems in my community. I'm 15 years old and I live in Pacoima, where factories... [More]

forthegreatergood: "Back-Up Clean Air"

Solar panels are a great way to prevent lots of fossil fuels going into the air. But, on a day that’s not that sunny, power... [More]

HF: "Human Electricity"

Electricity can be created using human motor actions, which will reduce the need for fossil fuels. Walking, running, and... [More]

Insert Joke Here: "Pests for Power"

We (me and my partner in crime) recently found a little YouTube video mentioning that Cockroaches produce hydrogen from... [More]

jaime: "Addressing Climate change by reducing CO2 emissions"

The whole planet earth is a greenhouse gas in its own way. The sole purpose of the atmosphere is to insulate the whole... [More]

Jamie: "Spreading Sunshine"

The sun is arguably the most underutilized resource available to humans. There is no place the sun cannot touch, making it... [More]

Joebernal47: "No more Gasses"

There are many reasons that greenhouse gasses are causing global warming. One of the main reasons are factories using coal... [More]

joeyd81097: "Looking Towards Water"

My idea is to increase the usage of hydropower in the country by placing turbines in places we have never thought of... [More]

Jojosotelo1: "Conserve and be smart"

Greenhouse gases effects our climate naturally while us humans also take part in how far it affects our climate changes.... [More]

Kira: "Enhance Your Chance With Plants TO2"

After living in China for multiple years, it has become apparent to s group of students at our school that it is crucial to... [More]

Kmf: "Simple acts reduce greenhouse gases"

Greenhouse gases are a bad thing. They contribute to global warming, which can mess with our planet’s natural weather... [More]

KR_PHS: "Solar Tree"

While renewable energy is very beneficial to the environment, it comes with its own set of problems. A few things you need... [More]

Krosshiar: "Algae Scrubbing"

Climate change is becoming more of an issue in the news, and in ordinary life. Climate change is the statistical change of... [More]

laria: "Greenhouse Gasses"

Greenhouse gasses A effective way of reducing greenhouse gases is a topic that should be taken into consideration we are... [More]

leonardo dicaprio: "Alternative Transportation"

One of the biggest sources of greenhouse gasses is an automobile. The United States has more automobiles than any other... [More]

Lesley: "Greener then the gases idea"

Greenhouse gases need to be reduced. The earth is warming due to the high concentration of greenhouse gases; the earth's... [More]

LionKing44: "Issue of Gases"

The role of the atmosphere is to insulate the surface of the earth. The greenhouse effect is not a new phenomenon. People... [More]

Luke: "Eco-K-Cups"

Almost one in every three American homes have a pod-based coffee machine. Furthermore, almost every office in America... [More]

MakeItRain: "Biochar Communities"

Global climate change is a paramount issue of the century, with multifarious factors contributing to the quandary. However,... [More]

Marge Marie: "Affordable and Effective For ALL"

When I am asked how to reduce greenhouse gasses, there are so many ideas that come to mind. There are the simple solutions... [More]

Marsha: "Planting Gardens on Roofs"

My idea is that we should create an incentive to plant more gardens on roof's of skyrises and homes. This would trap carbon... [More]

Mary: "Change The World With One Tweet"

My ideas of about reducing greenhouse gas is to charge your car by using your phone. So instead of using gas to fuel our... [More]

Mcilroy: "The Self-Sustaining Vertical Farm for All of Plant Earth"

A multi-Level high-rise building that can combine renewable energy, sustainable environment, and comfort for animals,... [More]

Melinda: "Magic Greenhouse"

Greenhouse gases are a great danger to our Earth and our atmosphere! First off, we don’t want to get rid of all greenhouse... [More]

MHF: "Green Gyms: On the Installation of Generators in Electric Workout Machines"

With increasing momentum behind the healthy life initiative, more people are using exercise machines to stay in shape.... [More]

Miss.D: "So, you think you can ride?"

So, a lot of people love animals like me but the real question is will you ride one? I've had this idea for a while now and... [More]

MPEPIC97: "Thoughts on Greenhouse Emissions"

Greenhouse gases are a great thing for us, and our world. Without greenhouse gases, our Earth would be 59 degrees... [More]

Mr. Polanco: "The Piezoelectric Suit"

Climate change and the emission of greenhouse gases are becoming an increasingly bigger problem in the modern era. In an... [More]

Natalie: "Premium Parking"

Driving is a large part of people’s everyday lives, yet it takes a toll on the environment. I do not believe that driving... [More]

Nate: "Enhance Batteries, Require Hybrids"

An idea that would be especially promising in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions would be legislation aimed at... [More]

naturegirl7: "Re-forestation"

When most people think of ‘reducing greenhouse gases’, the first solution that comes to mind is often the use of... [More]

ne quid nimis: "Mitigating Carbon Dioxide Levels Through Novel Sequestration Techniques"

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the most abundant greenhouse gas emitted through human activity, and as a greenhouse gas, has a... [More]

Nelly: "The Greenhouse Effect"

Greenhouse gases have many chemical compounds in them. Many people do not realize how harmful greenhouse gases can be to... [More]

Nicky: "My Idea for Greenhouse Gases"

My idea for reducing greenhouse gases is to build more solar panels and wind mills but make them cheaper. Whether... [More]

norma11: "Greenhouse gasses 2"

Greenhouse gases A greenhouse gas is a gas in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation with the thermal infrared... [More]

Ode My Puns: "Advantages of Tree Carbon sequestration in Africa"

The carbon dioxide currently residing in the atmosphere is the leading cause of climate change. For there to be a reduction... [More]

Oralia: "How to Reduce GreenHouse Gases 4"

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum gas, carbon dioxide and other gases are released into the atmosphere. What... [More]

Ozzydollaass: "Greenhouse gases 2"

The best way to reduce some of the green house gases is to plant a tree. 1 billion starts with a 1 so therefore you will... [More]

Poolesvillegacy: "Highway wind turbines"

Climate change has a very big impact on all of us. We may not know it, but many things we take for granted actually... [More]

P.O.R. Engineer: "PORS"

P.O.R.S. (Pressurized Oxygen Release System) is a system made to split the CO (Carbon-Monoxide) molecule and release Oxygen... [More]

Phoenix: "Global Warming Awareness"

Global warming is a huge problem in our world today. It is caused when harmful fumes, such as carbon emission from cars,... [More]

PHS Beleaf: "Carbon Sequestration and Renewable Energy Through Implementing Artificial Biological Leaves and Solar Cells on Buildings"

We propose implementing a mixture of man-made biological leaves and solar cells on to the tops of buildings. This allows... [More]

PHS Green Team: "Green Machines"

With increasing momentum behind the healthy life initiative, more and more people are using exercise machines to stay fit.... [More]

PHS Greenbeans: "Insulating Solar Blinds"

Climate change is a salient issue that has no dominant solution, and its effects have vast implications in the future and... [More]

RACK: "Using Piezoelectric Technology to Reduce our Carbon Footprint"

Climate change is a major problem facing our society and it is our responsibility to fix it. In 2006, the greenhouse gas... [More]

ReduceReuseRecycle: "It Starts At Home"

There are many ways to reduce greenhouse emissions, but it starts at home. If everyone were to change the way their house... [More]

Rhino1998: "Decentralized Servers"

During the winter, heating consumes a lot of energy. This energy is not being used to do anything other than heat cold air.... [More]

Robin Singh: "We All Can Help and it's Easy"

There are countless and easy ways we the people can contribute to the world to help reduce greenhouse gasses and help save... [More]

sahib22: "Manure Separation"

Manure separation technology removes the solids from manure slurry stored in lagoons. Keeping organic matter from entering... [More]

saving the earth one tree at a time: "one tree at a time"

Greenhouse gas emission is very dangerous for the environment .it cause our earth to get hotter [global warming]. If we... [More]

Scott Scottson: "The Benefits of Public Transportation"

One idea to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would be through increased public transportation use and decreased use of... [More]

Shreya: "Eco-School of Northeast China"

China is the largest consumer of CO2, producing 29% of the global total, about 7.2 tonnes per person. We, the Dalian... [More]

Shyann: "Environmental Change"

Some ideas I have about reducing greenhouse gases is using less electricity power. I know electricity runs everywhere but... [More]

Simba: "Reduced Solar Radiation"

Idea: Installing mirrors / other reflective surfaces on orbiting satellites in order to reflect unwanted solar radiation... [More]

SMart: "Solar-Powered Wireless Charging Grids"

The transportation industry accounts for the second highest producer of greenhouse gases, with 28% of all greenhouse gas... [More]

Soccergirl_18: "Plastic"

Take a look around you. What do you see? Chances are, you see a lot of PLASTIC. Plastic has become a way of life to us,... [More]

Solar High Rollers: "Concentrating Solar Power on Automobiles Using Fresnel Lenses"

Solar energy is a relatively new, advanced, and very promising technology that has a large potential for future growth.... [More]

Solarite1: "Orange Peel Ethanol"

A biofuel alternative to the fossil fuels used to power industries would aid in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The... [More]

Solarite2: "Solar Panels on Marinas"

Electricity contributes to one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. One way to reduce these emissions would be through... [More]

solarite3: "Plastic Bag takeover"

One of the things American people love is food. The place people go to get this food is chain grocery stores. Once the food... [More]

Steve Rogers: "Caring for our Greenhouse Planet Earth"

It is crucial that as a world community, we reduce Greenhouse gases. If Greenhouse gases continually rose, the world would... [More]

Superman: "Saving Water Can Help"

The simple things that you do not see as a big problem could add up to be huge when it comes to greenhouse gases. For... [More]

SVC: "Innovating Transportation"

There are a lot of ways to mitigate climate change. The invention of cars is probably what increased the climate change.... [More]

The Green Scum: "Thinking Outside the Box"

When compared to most of the others idea, my plan is quite abnormal. My idea doesn't focus on an individual, rather on the... [More]

The M13 innovation: "The M13 innovation"

Alternative, renewable energy is the way of the future. It does not require burning co2 releasing fossil fuels, and is... [More]

The Photoelectrics: "The Development of Portable Solar Cells for Effective Recreational Use"

The market for portable electronic devices has exploded over the past decade, as well as a general push for fossil fuels to... [More]

The Planet Liberators: "Eat to Defeat Global Heat"

In order to mitigate climate change, our group proposes a new program to encourage members of the community to reduce the... [More]

The science geeks: "A compost powered car"

Our Idea is a car that runs on compost. We choose this topic because we knew that if cars didn’t run on fuel there would be... [More]

Tom Riddle: "The Answer Lies in the Trees"

Since the industrial revolution carbon dioxide emissions have only been increasing, while our supply of trees and... [More]

Urban Farmer: "Community Produce Centers"

A CPC (Community Produce Center) will be a place for residents of a community to receive completely organic produce grown... [More]

Victoria: "Carpooling"

Greenhouse gases are a nuisance that has been plaguing our planet for centuries. At this point in time, however, the threat... [More]

Vivian: "CO2 Design Application"

The Application Building group of the Dalian American International School aims to educate kids from 6 to 11 years old... [More]

Yeya: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle There are many greenhouse gases that can easily affect the government due to what people do and the... [More]

Cookie: Innovating creative solutions to increase phone battery life with the intention to reduce greenhouse gasses.

The greenhouse gas effect is a serious and rapidly growing problem. Our lack of progress and initiative as a planet is frightening... [More]