December 6th: Abstracts due

December 6th- December 13th: Crowd discuss of abstracts

December 20th: Submit revised abstracts

December 27th: Announcement of project ideas

December 27th- March 6th: Work on your Round 2 project

March 6th: Submission deadline for Round 2 project

March 16th- March 24th: Crowd discuss

March 25th: Winners announced!


 $4,000 1st Prize

  $2,500 2nd Prize

  $500 Crowd vote 

  $500 Critic Award

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Media tool kit 

A majority of energy generation comes from creating rotary motion to move magnets past conductive material. Biochemical electricity comes from living organisms, like bacteria, algae, and viruses.

Using swamp muck to generate electricity

This guide shows how to use swamp muck and a few other materials to create a microbial fuel cell that can harvest electricity generated by bacteria.

Using a virus to generate electricity

Researchers at MIT have figured out how to alter a virus in order to augment existing electrode technology. Learn More


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