About TERC

TERC’s mission is to improve mathematics and science education.

For more information on TERC, please visit our main Web site at www.terc.edu.

For years, TERC — a not-for-profit math and science education company in Cambridge, Massachusetts — has developed, researched, and produced a wide range of educational materials in a variety of formats. We are now pleased to be bringing a number of these materials to Apple's iBooks format. Other ePublication formats are also available here!

Available Now: Study of Place — NOW FREE!!

Study of Place is a collection of two environmental science modules for middle schools (grade 5-8): 

  • Antarctic Exploration explores the relationship between the expanse of sea ice and seasonal change, framed by the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 expedition to Antarctica.
  • Oceans Currents Exploration explores the mysterious Gulf Stream, framed by the story of Benjamin Franklin's quest to explain why English ships carrying mail to the colonies took two weeks longer to cross the Atlantic than merchant ships going the other way.

Available Now: What’s the Weather? — FREE!!

What’s the Weather? consists of six chapters that are designed to supplement your core science curriculum for grades 3-5. It encourages students to build ideas of science content and process through hands-on and online investigation of the weather in their location. Students collect data about moisture (humidity, cloud cover, and precipitation), air temperature, wind, and air pressure. Their studies lead to understanding about weather as the condition of the air at a place and time.

Both a teacher’s guide and student materials for both of the above books are available from the Apple iBook Store, and more information about the curriculum, as well as various supporting materials and recommendations, are available on this site.