For Students

You will be making your future in a world that faces many environmental challenges. The Biocomplexity approach will equip you with insights about the environmental implications of the choices human society makes and knowledge to make informed decisions about these choices.

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For Teachers

The Biocomplexity curriculum will help you provide your students with a challenging and enriching capstone course experience. It will help deepen students’ critical thinking, problem solving skills and engage them in authentic inquiry. Through a biocomplexity lens, students will see the world in a new way and develop awareness of their role in, impact on, and connection to the global ecosystem.

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For Parents

The mission of this course is to equip young adults with the knowledge and understanding that will help them make decisions in a changing world that confronts them with large and complex environmental challenges. A society that understands the environment is much more likely to protect them for future generations.

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The Curriculum

 Biocomplexity and the Habitable Planet engages students in understanding Biocomplexity, the complex fabric of relationships between humans and the environment. It incorporates an integrated framework to study the myriad relationships and reciprocal interactions that link human economic and social systems to natural systems of the planet. The curriculum consists of inquiry-based investigations designed around cases in urban, agricultural, tropical and polar systems. It builds on ecology, environmental science, human ecology, geography, economics and anthropology and helps students understand environmental land and resource use challenges increasingly confronting society. Because of its strong emphasis on science practices, disciplinary content, and cross-cutting concepts, the curriculum is very well aligned with the Framework for the Next Generation Science Standards.



The curriculum is available in electronic and/or print-on-demand form from Its About Time publishers. Purchase of the text will also includes access to the Teacher Guide, an electronic version of the Student materials and extensive additional resources online. You can find it on the publisher's website:

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