Zoombinis can help you address computational thinking,
math, and 21st Century skills and concepts. 

Zoombinis, formerly known as The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, includes twelve math-based logic puzzles, each with four levels of difficulty, that reinforce valuable computational thinking (CT) skills, such as:

  • Problem decomposition: Breaking down a complex problem or system into simpler parts or chunks that are easier to understand.
  • Automation: Predicting or planning a series of ordered steps or sequences for feasible and efficient solutions.
  • Algorithms and procedures: Identifying and articulating a set of instructions for a specific problem or task.
  • Data representation: Using and interpreting multiple representations of data or information to organize, make meaning, or solve problems.
  • Abstraction/Formulation: Identifying and articulating general sets of algorithms (steps or instructions) or procedures that apply to various problem types or conditions (i.e., abstraction or formulation).
  • Generalization: Applying common algorithms to a variety of problems, forming a solid set of practical approaches to problem solving.

Looking for help to understand Zoombini game mechanics? How-To Videos are available here.

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