TERC is a nonprofit educational research, development, and professional development organization. For nearly 50 years we have been at the forefront of educational innovation, developing initiatives and programs that address current needs in K-12 classrooms, museums and afterschool programs. Using Data was developed and field-tested by the researchers at TERC through a National Science Foundation grant. This project spanned three years, and the work was published in two books:

  • The Data Coach’s Guide to Improving Learning for All Students (Love, Nancy, et al., 2008)
  • Using Data to Improve Learning for All (Love, Nancy, et al., 2009)

The pedagogy and materials used in our professional development courses are derived from these resources.

The work of Using Data (started in 1998, working in states, districts, and schools to build capacity to use data effectively) has been to prepare leaders — administrators and teacher leaders — to initiate, support, and sustain the continuous use of data to improve student learning, increase teacher knowledge of content and pedagogy, and to reduce achievement gaps between groups of students. 

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