To help your data team experience some Using Data strategies, we invite you to try some of our tools. The following resources can be downloaded and implemented with your data team for free.

Data Readiness Assessment

How Ready Are You?

You can download the Data Readiness Assessment tool to assess your school's readiness to use data effectively. 

Using Data's mission is to help school district leaders use data to make informed, effective decisions. As part of its ongoing mission, TERC's Using Data is providing the attached assessment to help schools and districts determine their readiness to use data-driven decision making for both accountability and continuous school improvement.

Causal Analysis Forms

Why? Why? Why?

Select one of the causes that you have identified as potentially contributing to your student learning problem, and ask "Why?" about that cause. Dig deeper, and ask "Why?" a second time, and then a third time (or even a fourth or fifth) until you have identified a substantial and deep potential reason that resonates for you or your group.


Free Low- And High-Capacity Data Use Continuum

A Comparison of Low- & High-Capacity Data Use

High-capacity uses are those that actually translate into improved instruction, expanded opportunites to learn for diverse learners, and improved outcomes for students. Low-capacity use, on the other hand, leads to inappropriate responses to data that can harm children and/or teachers.

Download and complete the Low- and High- Capacity Data Use Continuum survey.

Norms of Collaboration

To support an effective collaborative inquiry process for using data, a team needs a safe venue based on agreed norms. Download this Norms of Collaboration list to serve as an inspiration for developing your own group norms.

Data Principles and Safety Regulations

Download the Principles of Effective Data Use here.

Data Drill Down

Download your own Data Drill Down template here.